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Meeting the Coast to Coast Trips, another RVing family

While in Las Vegas, we found out that another traveling family, The Coast to Coast Trips were in town AND in our very campground! What a treat!
We invited them along to Red Rock Canyon and left on a gorgeous morning. Unfortunately, there was an ugly rainstorm right over Red Rock so we were drenched just running into the visitor center. But fortunately it let up just enough to start hiking anyway, and turned out to be a very nice day. And the rainfall gave the whole area a new look with waterfalls and tiny rushing rivers. Because of the rain, I didn't take my camera, but Kimberly did, so all the pics except for the last one are hers. Suzanne and I also didn't do all the climbing (we stayed pretty low and chatted the day away!) so thanks to Kimberly, we can see some of what we missed. We kept seeing everyone popping up along very high ridges then disappearing again.
We had a little jam session at the clubhouse. Those triplets are great! Josh is now saving up for an electric guitar. :)
It was very sad to see them go, although we're sure our paths will cross once again!