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Valley of Fire

Last time we left Las Vegas, we missed the Valley of Fire (despite many imploring us not to) and we almost did again this time. But I'm SO glad we took an extra day to visit it - amazing! Unlike Red Rock Canyon, where we drove around the loop at looked at the pretty lovelies off to the side, in the Valley of Fire, you drive right through it. It's bigger and more diverse (although you could have fun for weeks at both). We got to hike, climb, do slot canyons, and search for wave rock.
A few of my favorite pics:
Here's a panorama of one of the overlooks:
More pics:

There are two campgrounds right in the middle of this beauty and we hope to come back again. The kids could spend all day every day climbing!


MrsM said…
Wow what a beautiful place. God sure is amazing in his creations.