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Extra counter space in the RV

I doubled our counter space in 30 seconds! (Well, technically two days, thanks to Amazon Prime, if you count the wait.)  Yes, UPS delivers to Lundy Mountain and, as a bonus, Jack gets a treat from the driver! Even though I do still keep our counters cleared, and we're very used to living small, there just isn't much counter space in an RV.  I've wanted to find a cutting board or something for over the stove for years, but I wasn't sure what I wanted, so I just put it off.  Thanks to the Make Over Your Mornings course, I decided this was something I really wanted, so I put it on my (purposefully very short) to-do list.
I searched, thought, measured, and finally ordered a Baker's Measuring Board from Core Bamboo. One side for cutting (that I doubt I'll use as I like my small, color-coded, flexible ones) and one side for rolling out pie crust, that has some cool measurements and conversions that will be very helpful. And I can flip it up to stand beside the stove when needed.
It's been very handy and I'm glad I finally put it on, and marked it off, my list. It really only took maybe 30 minutes of measuring, reading, and pondering my options.  The trouble certainly wasn't worth putting it off for years!  
I know my to-do list is smaller than most (by much effort!), but I still have some things to work on.  It's been fun focusing on what's important to me, family, others, and rearranging my thoughts. And my countertops!


Such a great, simple fix. Works as a backsplash too. I love the color of your kitchen.
Anette said…
that was a good one.