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Great April Fools prank on the kids and a fun family breakfast!

Our April Fools joke went as planned and was GREAT! The kids said it was awesome! :)

Idea from James Macdonald: One year we rushed into their bedrooms at six a.m. shouting, "Get up! We're late for school!" We had changed every clock in the house to read an hour later. The kids ran downstairs, half dressed. We stuffed them in the car and rushed down the street—only to find the school parking lot empty. Kathy and I screamed, "April Fools!" and took them out for breakfast.

AND it worked perfectly! We changed all the clocks, even the computer and van. This morning Josh got up and started to get ready and I said Josh, it's late! He said my watch says it's only 7:20. I said go check a clock because your watch battery might be dying. He said OH NO MOM, IT'S 8:20! I said get ready quick! (The bus comes ~8:20.) Then we got Lizzy and Matt up in a panic because we had an "appointment" so we all frantically got dressed and out to the van. As a bonus, the bus DID go by and Josh saw it! It has an earlier route for jr high.
So we headed to school (everyone hungry since we didn't have time to eat) and there was only one van in the parking lot. Allen said looks like something's wrong, are you sure you have school? They tried to figure it out and we yelled April Fools! They couldn't believe it and said we got them good! Then we said we're going to breakfast at McDonalds and they cheered! We had a nice breakfast and got home in time for Josh to make the right bus. Quite a successful prank! :)

Last year Allen convinced them they could fly due to a weather phenomenon & they tried! But that's not the funny part. The funny part is that they believed they did fly! :)