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Exciting news at DSP!

I had to share what's going on at work. It's birthday week, the most exciting week of the year! :)


Great news, DSP is NOT participating in the recession and neither should you! When you can’t afford the big luxuries, indulge in some small ways and scrap more. Scrap every day if you’d like. Or every week or every month, but keep scrapping. Digital scrapbooking is affordable, easy, and most importantly fun! During our Scrapolution we’ve been challenged to keep you challenged. So here’s a new one!

DSP is introducing a PROJECT 365 category in the store to keep you scrapping! Whether you scrap a photo a day, a week, a month, or a year, we will provide the resources. Quickly record the details of daily life or artistically depict those special moments. Put a day, a week, or even a whole month on one page. Jot a quick note about each photo or journal your heartfelt memories. Use a PROJECT 365 quick click or instant album to make your pages quick and easy. Or try a PROJECT 365 page kit or element pack to design your own. Use the same one every time, or a different one each week or month. Make it simple or elaborate, just make it!

Be sure to post your pages to the PROJECT 365 gallery or your own personal albums. Post your ideas or questions in the PROJECT 365 forum. If you’d like to challenge yourself to take a photo every day (or week, or 9 on the 9th, it’s your goal!) post them on the DSP PROJECT 365 Flickr Group. Whatever you do and however you do it, set your goal and get scrapping!

Don’t scrap less, scrap more. Don’t think recession, think Scrapolution. Here are economically-conscious resources to make it quick and easy too! Here are some examples from the DSP designers (and see some below!). We can't wait to see yours!

Come and chat with Designer Lauren Bavin about the many options for your PROJECT 365 on Saturday!