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Not Back to School Roadschool Rally

There sure are a lot of RVing families out there. Thanks to Fulltime Families, we enjoyed a weekend with over FORTY of them at a rally in Branson, MO at the Not Back to School Roadschool Rally. It was fun to say hi to old friends and meet some new ones. The 80's Prom was especially fun! And bright, very bright. :)
I didn't take many photos because I was busy meeting about 20 new RVing families and catching up with 20 families we've already met on the road!  
Each day was full of cool activities and of course the 80's prom on Saturday night was super fun!  Pic by Jason Liske.
Lizzy's hair was really fun to do. :) 
Family pic by Doug Setzer.
Lizzy and Lauren.