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Jumper Cables Anyone?

my goodness today's been interesting. allen worked all day to upgrade our electric so we can get A/C installed, and can't quite get it finished. got shocked too, so that slowed him down a little. now we have to wait 7-10 days for the electric company to do their part so we can finish up. lovely. no electric? oh no, he's wired the boxes together outside with jumper cables! yes jumper cables are running our house at the moment.
dangerous? stupid? probably. his response, we'll we'll just do it for a little while to get ready, take showers, then unhook them. geesh, can you say hicks?? oh, and we managed to squeeze in a trip to the ER for josh. shut his thumb in the car door on one of our many trips to the hardware store for a "my husband needs something that looks like this, but this part is bigger". he's fine now and loves his new cast. really just gauze, it's only cut. course it cut half his thumbnail off also. he screamed every time he looked at it, otherwise he was fine and getting tons of presents from the nurses. i thought we'd have a night of cuddling and whining, but instead he's ridden his new bike and played at burger king's playland. so he's good. he told the doc (who pretended to cry with him) that he didn't have to cry it was only an owie place. he's tough, he's a lundy! oh, and the dog (who never pees in the house) peed on our new area rug. and all over in the office we discovered with the carpet up. lots of old spots, this must have been the previous owner's dog/cat's bathroom. now we guess syd just thinks so too. lovely. so she gets kicked quite often now (believe me she can't feel it thru her muscles anyway) and locked in the basement. okay the tv just shut off, so whatever allen's doing in the basement could shut me down too, so i must run! i might be gone a few more days! and i might not even be able to sneak a little! bye!!!!!!!