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The master bathroom is now purple! Yes, I'll be replacing the weird leaves with pics of our 3 kids, as soon as they hold still long enough to get good pics! Or maybe some clever sayings. It's over the potty though, so does it really matter?
And I still hate trim.


beemommy said…
What in the world are you going to do with yourself when you've painted the last one? Everything looks awesome!
I 'm so impressed with your patience and attention to detail (even though you hate trim!)
Poohsmom said…
LOVE all the painting!! Question - are you just going over the wallpaper that came with the RV? Are you using a specific type of paint to do so? My spouse is nervous about that, as we may only RV for 7 months and he wants to make sure it won't "hurt" the value. Though I say .. let's make it "home" and not worry about what the next owner's decorating preferences are!