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Our yard

Not sure what they put in the canal, but it was super pretty the other day. I had to take a few pics.
Here's our current view, before they cleaned out the canal though.
Loving this weather being under 110°!


Look pretty clean, with that aquatic color. Interesting that you have those on photos, its like after months you could compare the condition of your canal to that on photos when it was newly cleaned.
Anonymous said…
I know that some of the campgrounds here in IL chlorinate their ponds with beaches, so that they are safe to swim in. Looking at the color, it kind of looks like they added Chlorine. If it leads to a place to swim, that may be what it is. I enjoy following your updates on your journey. I wish I could travel with my little ones. I grew up taking 3 week vacations as a child, and I have been camping to almost every state. I am so greatful that my parents did that for us. I'm sure your children will appreciate it as adults as well :) Cheers, and stay safe!