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Southern AZ

We took a drive outside Mesa AZ and didn't realize how much beauty was just a few minutes away from our barren desert! We'd stayed holed up inside in the AC because of the heat. We found out it was quite a gorgeous area up north!
This prompted a hike for Allen the next day. He said it was gorgeous and sent this pic back.
Poor Jack apparently had it out with a cactus. He touched one and a ball of needles started working its way into his belly. He yelped and ran and rolled, then tried to lick it off. Which means needles in the tongue! So he tried to scratch those off with his paws, yep, needles in the paws. Allen finally got it off with his knife, then took out hundreds of needles on the trail, then more at the truck, then the kids worked on him at home. Poor, dumb dog.
Cacti: not your friends!