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Knott's Berry Farm

We went to Knott's Berry Farm (free with our Cedar Fair passes!) and had a great day. The McCloskey's watched Jack, so we had the entire day to drive into LA and spend at the park. It was apparently America's first theme park and it was very well done. We planned to just watch all the shows and come back next week to ride rides, but we got the rides in too! We're used to having the RV in the parking lot and taking our time with breaks for meals and such, but we just squeezed it all in.
The Western Stunt Show was so good and our favorite, until the All Wheels Extreme Show. It was bikers, skaters, gymnasts, and just extreme! Reignited Matt's BMX/X-Games future plans I think. Videos below too.
The Pony Express was a unique ride, a roller coaster, on ponies! It was short, but fun, and very different. FYI, their Ghost Rider is even worse than Kings Island's Beast! I wouldn't have believed that to be possible before this day.

The boys thought sitting in the splash zone would be fun during the stunt show. They loved it and were cooled off quite a few times.

The All Wheels Extreme team was awesome! So much to see. The kids really wanted to play on that stage!

This will be Matt in a few years.

Or this may be Matt.

But he'll probably be on a stage one day soon. :)