Beware of Slippery Rock!!

well it's happened. a parent's worst fear as you hike along a creek named slippery rock. but we're all okay, relax!! we're somewhere in pennsylvania and allen was kayaking slippery rock with a group from the oac. it's a beautiful gorge and the old mill and covered bridge really take you back. the kids and i were hiking along the river to watch the carnage (lots of swimmers today) and take photos. and despite my watchful eye (and constant nagging) josh got too close and slipped down a rock into the water. it was near the end of a rapid, so some very fast moving water, white water where he went in. he was swept into the current and went under and came up once before i had time to dive in after him. i got to him pretty quickly (mom powers in hyperdrive you know) and swam us into the eddy. a kind hiker helped pull us out. it was freaking cold! josh just freaked afterwards crying and saying he was so scared. i held him for a while and we both cried. a few hours later he was bragging about probably being the only 7-yr-old who ever swam a class III rapid and without a life jacket. he's looking forward to recounting (probably embellishing) the story for the group tonight around the fire. he's a true kayaker already. but i'm glad he's okay with it now. hopefully he'll be more careful. no worries though, i won't let him get close! below are a few highlights. i'll post more after roasted hotdogs!
allen looking all cute. allen running a rapid upside down (oops). the mouse pointed where josh fell in. lizzie took a pic of josh and i afterwards (good scrapbooker's daughter!). and josh feeling better with s'mores. s'mores really do make everything better!! : )

Saturday, May 5, 2007

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  1. WOW! What an adventure. Oh my goodness how scary! Your such a good Mom. That picture of you and him is just precious. It made a lump in my throat! He is holding on to you so tight! Poor little guy. I can't even begin to imagine how scary that would be. lol! What a day! Definitely a page to get down in the memory books!

  2. Pleased you work in hyperdrive and glad you are both ok :)

  3. Oh Margie!! That's scary!!!

  4. Omgosh Margie! How scary! I'm so glad you are all doing okay!

  5. Please try not to kill my nephews/niece in the near future.

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