more yard work and my new happy place

we finally finished (i hope!) our yard work, landscaping, rock walkway, and all the other back-breaking, blister-causing, but beautifying work in the yard! the back walkway was getting pretty dangerous, so we were hoping to make it safer and nicer. it does look like it's been there for 70 years like the house, so it fits in well! we also assembled the swing and placed it where the crazy bushes that hid the house used to be. it's my new happy place and you'll probably find me there often, with my laptop of course. if you're ever in the area, stop by and we'll sit and swing and chat!
by the way, i carried 87 twenty pound landscaping rocks. now i love math and could tell you how many calories i burned that day, but then if you're good at math, you'd tell me how much i weigh. and we can't have that. but i burned a lot! :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Comments (2)

  1. But who doesn't want to decorate with railroad ties?

  2. good point, they ARE awfully pretty. i think the former owners must have owned a railroad or at least tracks somewhere...

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