Allen's home, back from the Appalachian Trail!

after four days, allen opted not to take the long way home and came home with the rest of the guys today! we're so glad to have him back too. even though the kids and i did extra fun things, stayed up late, slept in, and baked cookies and brownies, it's just boring without him here! :)
they had another wonderful time on the trails enjoying God's awesome creation. no bears this time, but they did visit with some of the wild horses. i'm sure we'll hear many more stories after he's rested up. hopefully soon allen and i can take another short trip, maybe with matt and shannan! here are some of his pics...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Comments (2)

  1. looks soo beautiful!!!! wow wild horses too cool!!!

  2. i want to hear about everything! what was it like? how far did he walk each day? was it scary? where did he get his gear? wouldn't it be cool to have a just girls trip to the appalachian trail? with Doug to lead us of course! Shawna can come too! :) or maybe she could just lead us! i would totally love it! i get sooooooo jealous that women aren't allowed to go on the men's backpacking trip. i really would love to go, but it just isn't eric's thing. i guess i could really push it - but that usually turns into a not so great time. okay, so, it looks wonderful, like they really had an awesome time. i think those are ponies though?! :) i've seen wild mustangs and even though they are smaller than our standard quarter horses, i wonder if those are smaller? just curious! can you believe those horses are just living off the land?! sturdy little things! tell alan i said welcome home! :) casey

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