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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

first day of school, kid #1

wahh! my little boy went off to third grade today. he looks way too big and independent. :(
matt meets with his kindergarten teacher today and officially starts friday. ugh.
and lizzy is staying home this year, so she officially starts tomorrow, or maybe today. though last night she added up cookies, subtracted them as we ate, and multiplied to see how many we ate, so we could say she's already started! :)
oh how i love AND hate the first day of school!!


Kim Liddiard said...

I cannot get over how quickly time goes by as these kids grow! Did we sign up for them growing up??!!

Jennison said...

Wow, seems like yesterday we were looking forward to summer and now it's already back to school! Good lookin' bunch of kids you have there :)

Liz McCoy said...

WOW what a big guy!!! Yeah Josh THIRD GRADE!!!!