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Friday, April 17, 2009

Forgotten Photo Friday

my forgotten photo for today, yeah high school graduation. (i skipped my college one. figured after "squeezing" a 4 year degree into 5 years, i couldn't stand one more day!) of course since i stopped at 28, i guess this was just 10 years ago this, and every, year. :)
notice i had authority issues even back then. i was forced to wear a dress (which you can't even see, what kind of logic is that??), but refused to wear dress shoes. they're sandalish kinda things, the least dressy i could get by with. :)
and the basketball rim is such a classy touch. personally as a photographer, i'd have checked my background first. but then it brings back a lot of memories of the bball team, so i don't mind so much.
post your own forgotten photo and tell liz about it. it's quite fun!! :)


Liz McCoy said...

great choice margie :) I had such short hair when I graduated I looked bald with my cap on. I don't think I even bought pictures?? this makes me want to go check out my graduation's been 9 years! WHOA