lorikeets and kangaroos and koala bears, oh my!

what an amazing time we had at currumbin! better than we'd hoped! it's a great sanctuary, very natural settings, and such fun animals! we started at the beach which was beautiful of course. so much more blue than the muddy beaches of the states. then we headed inside to be mauled by lorikeets, which was fun, besides the mauling part! these birds flocked to our pans of some yummy food and just went to town, eating, fighting over it, it was hilarious, if a bit intimidating! then we saw koala bears, kangaroos, tree kangaroos, tasmanian devils, echidna (looks kinda like a porcupine), emus, crocodiles, dingos, tons of strange birds, and lots of other interesting animals we've never seen! and a LOT of lizards that run freely (well, except when allen chased them, then they ran with purpose!). we had our first meat pies, which were quite yummy.
i held a koala, which was soooo cute and fluffy! and we got to hang out with kangaroos too! they were well fed and so friendly. so a great time seeing the animals of australia!
more soon from the craziness of the photo walk with lots of scrapbooking paparazzi!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Comments (3)

  1. Stunning photo's Margie!!! Looks absolutely beautiful there.

  2. Gorgeous!! Love that you got a pic of Lauren covered in birds to match yours! Sooooo jealous!

  3. Hmmph. I don't see any photos of giant crocodiles, I'll keep looking though....

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