mount cook back to christchurch, nz

we finished our 1700 mile drive today back to christchurch! we saw as much of the south island as humanly possible in 5 days. more mountains of course, rainbows, lakes, gorges, hills, valleys, the usual. we had sushi for lunch (a first for me - though i was only as brave as chicken and rice!). :)
tomorrow we're off to rotorua for rafting and waitomo for glow worm caves the next day. it's sure fast-paced trying to see an entire country in a few weeks!
we're having so much fun and enjoying every bit, though we're missing the kids quite a bit. (see you soon kids!)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Comments (2)

  1. blue skies blue waters....GORGEOUS!

  2. Margie, your pictures are outrageously gorgeous!

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