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Thursday, September 10, 2009

week 4 of homeschooling - thursday, sept 10

thursday is our appt day in dayton, so it's always a bit flexible.
· math timed tests
· lizzy and i worked on life skills with our appt, shopping, the accountant's, then the bank. i asked the bank if we could schedule a tour with the kids and they're checking with the manager and will call. they've never been asked before. apparently not everyone is bold enough to say may we please have access to your vault? leave it to a lundy. :)
· lizzy also did math worksheets during the drive.
· the boys did math, writing, cursive, and grammar worksheets
· josh did some social studies lessons on the computer
· gym class was soccer practice (specifically blasting the ball which paid tonight off as josh scored a goal in his game!)
· friday's usually our day off, but today was pretty easy, so we'll catch up on our prairie primer tomorrow. a few hours one friday won't hurt, right? fortunately we're at a very happy part of the book, so they'll be happy to talk about it. :)


The Thief said...

Love the action photo! And wearing #10, too... that's always good.