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Friday, September 18, 2009

week 5 of homeschooling - friday, sept 18

today's our day off, but it seems the kids were wanting a little encouragement in certain areas. allen likes (and they dislike) for that encouragement to take the form of writing lines. they really don't like to be encouraged so much!
· matt wrote i will not talk. (he was encouraged twice since he talked while writing the first!)
· lizzy wrote i will not forget to do the dishes. (which somehow took her 3 hours! i think it'd be fun to make her write i will not write lines for 3 hours out of stubbornness.) :)
· josh wrote i will be responsible and get my work done. (while i really don't like the use of the word done there, i think i'll let it slide. a page of writing the word responsible gives me flashbacks!)
so probably not a very fun day on the prairie, but tonight is family movie night, so i'm sure things will look up. :)