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Friday, October 2, 2009

week 7 of homeschooling

monday, sept 28:
· math timed tests
· spelling tests
· all day field trip to the air force museum for homeschool day! they had classes, demo stations, and activities all day long and the kids had a blast. pics below!

tuesday, sept 29:
· math timed tests
· math and reading worksheets
· they read an i wonder why science book
· from the prairie primer: reading, science, bible, history, writing
· josh had a soccer game for gym

wednesday, sept 30:
· math timed tests
· i'll have to ask allen what else, i really didn't pay attention!
· we took two loads of stuff to a friend's house for a yard sale, so pricing, math, life skills, don't be a pack rat class? who cares, it's gone! :)
· lizzy and matt had soccer games/gym. i loved the pics of matt. sometimes you just have to stop and pull the grass, and yes, the sun was in his eyes. :)

thursday, oct 1:
· math timed tests
· appointment day in dayton for lizzy and me, while the boys cleaned the kid room. gotta say us girls liked that!
· between our appointments and a visitor here today, we skipped school again.
· to make up for that, the kids watched a movie about the earth tonight (with pizza & popcorn). but they're doing projects on different animals from the movie.
· here are the i wonder why books we found in our library that we're having the kids read. quality science class in a book! and history, astronomy, biology...

friday, oct 2:
it's our day off, but since we took yesterday off, we did a little today.
· math and spelling tests
· they finished their projects and reports from last night's movie about polar bears (lizzy), elephants (matt), and whales (josh). very creative!
· from the prairie primer: reading, science, social studies, history, sign language, bible, living
· we learned more about indians, so for fun i told them to invent a game that indians might have played in 1870. the boys decided that indian boys would like to play a game where you have a stick and attack each other to try to get the stick. i have a feeling indian boys were just as annoying rotten active as ours.
· random note: it's cool not to have to worry about the no guns in schools rule as sometimes stormtroopers appear out of nowhere.