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Sunday, September 20, 2009

when good bread machines go bad...

i found out there was a timer on my bread maker and had grand visions of waking the family up to the smell of fresh baked something yummy. so i tried it out for sunday lunch, loading and setting it saturday night. yeah, something went wrong. i need more or less of something or other i guess, wish i knew. unfortunately it made a huge mess, stuck to everything, exploded, but fortunately, it was still yummy! :)


Emma Giles Powell said...

oh yeah, btdt. In fact, after years of trying, I believe I have now succeeded in making every mistake there is to be made with a bread machine, from forgetting to put in the paddles, or just one paddle, forgetting to press start, forgetting to add yeast, bla, bla, bla. This one looks like you need to use a smaller recipe, that pan is just too small! Or less yeast. But your European method of pull off a hunk and eat it while you call yourselves stylish works too!