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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas play at Grace, videos inside

The chidren's choir performed "The Best Christmas Present Ever" tonight at church and all the kids did a great job! (We videoed it for the Grands, so you can see it in 2 weeks!) There were lots of speaking parts and solos and you can tell how hard they've all worked for months. And such a great story line. It was a birthday party for Jesus and they invited everyone they knew.
All 3 did great jobs on their solos and speaking parts. Matt had the most adorable solo and he was so worried people would say awww. And they did, but he was okay with it afterall. :) He was nervous and forgot just a bit of it, but says he's ready to go back up and do it again. They were all sad to see it end!
Here's a little peek at Matt and Lizzy's solos.