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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

week 14 of homeschooling

mon, nov 16:
· math and spelling tests
· math and grammar worksheets
· read a book
· josh helped allen fix the fence. life skills of course.
· gym was a rolling/catching game we've yet to name. london bridge roll is one idea.
we finished the last book and started by the shores of silver lake. it has a KILLER first few chapters and we were all in tears.
· from the prairie primer: reading, history, geography, science, bible, writing
· i learned how to make donuts for cooking class. (never too young to learn right?)

tues, nov 17:
· math timed tests
· math and grammar worksheets
· read a book
· i put sulfuric acid in the kids eyes to teach them a lesson. does that sound mean? really, we chopped onions & then learned why it makes you cry! (google it!)
· from the prairie primer: reading, geography, science, health (germs, ew gross), writing, living, bible, vocabulary
· for music class they practiced songs in the basement. i asked if they were ready for me to video, but the consensus is no way!
· allen played knock-out (basketball, no worries) with the kids for gym

wed, nov 18:
can't remember, but i'm sure it was mind-blowing. the kids had awana.

thurs, nov 19:
can't remember, but probably amazing stuff. we must have done some yard work (i mean life skills) cause i have pics. allen hung my star and josh cleaned the gutters. he's the only child i know who loves that job!
and we learned about the eye also, and to keep your fingers out. cool stuff!

fri, nov 20:
i do remember this glorious day because the kids had their first field trip without us! miami county parks & rec has a great new homeschooler program and the kids loved it. no pics though, seeing as i wasn't there.


Liz McCoy said...

yummmy how did the donuts turn out??? YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

The Lundys said...

oh they're so good and so easy! fry biscuits, dip in sugar. that's it! i don't even make the holes anymore! :)

Jill O. Miles said...

My husband still reminisce about the donuts his mom used to make. My son LOVES donuts. I'll have to try this!