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Friday, December 11, 2009

week 17 of homeschooling

mon, dec 7:
· math and spelling tests
· grammar & math worksheets
· reading books
· from the prairie primer: reading, history, writing, bible, science
· we watched more little house episodes. they LOVE these! we're on season 2.
· cleaning - yay for life skills!

tue, dec 8:
· math timed tests
· grammar & math worksheets
· reading books
· the children of God band practiced loudly for music class
· from the prairie primer: reading, history, science, character, health, geography, art
· we made dishwasher soap just like ma would have, if she had a dishwasher, and running water, and electricity...
· art class involved paper, glue, hole punches, and lots and lots of little paper dots
· more little house episodes

wed, dec 9:
· math timed tests
· grammar & math worksheets
· reading books
· quick recesses because it was so cold and windy, but they just *had* to get out there
· from the prairie primer: reading, history, bible, geography, art, writing
· art class today was playdough. in the book, the ingalls girls recycled old material and things into new gifts, so they made things of playdough, then recycled them into something else. a bit easier with playdough than hand stitching fabric.

thurs, dec 10:
· math and spelling tests
· appointment day so lizzy and i went to dayton (where i totally showed up and realized i had my slippers on. awesome.) unfortunately we had to stop at walmart, and sadly, no one noticed...
· the boys did whatever the boys usually do when we're gone

fri, dec 11:
· the kids cleaned and organized their kid room. life skills baby, life skills.
· then we took a field trip to the troy-hayner cultural center to see the christmas decorations. it was beautiful! of course lizzy's favorite is the amazing doll house. pictures on the wall, area rugs, silverware, food on the table, china in the cabinet - the details are just awesome!