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Friday, January 15, 2010

week 20 of homeschooling

we're still under a blanket of snow, but no snow days here, or well, every day's a snow day. the kids LOVE playing in it every recess. i like looking at it, but only from inside a warm house. :)

mon, jan 11:
· math and spelling tests
· math & grammar workbooks
· bible lesson
· i had a chiropractor appt. so we skipped the prairie primer (and my back is fixed, yay!)

tues, jan 12:
· reading, math workbooks
· music class, more loud practice
· appt day so lizzy and i had a girl day while the boys went hunting. we went to friendly's to get her free birthday meal, yum! so yeah, we skipped the primer again. school shmool! ;)

wed, jan 13:
· spelling stories
· reading
· bible lesson
· math workbooks
· from the prairie primer (5 chapters!): reading, bible, science, math, environment, living, health
· we talked about mixtures and solutions, so we found examples in the kitchen and drank a yummy one, instant spiced cider.

thurs, jan 14:
· math & spelling tests
· math & grammar worksheets
· music class, more loud practice
· from the prairie primer: reading, health, character, bible, writing, art, geography

fri, jan 15:
· field trip day at charleston falls! thanks to miami co parks, the backyard buzzards learned about winter habitats.