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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The coolest zoo that's not a zoo! Nemacolin

We drove through Nemacolin just for fun and found a zoo! Well, at least lots of wild animals in "natural" habitats all over the place. All free, open to visitors, hardly anyone around, no lines, no traffic! Last night we saw a sign that said Enter at Own Risk, so naturally we stopped to investigate since that sounds intriguing. We found VERY friendly animals and just a small gate between us! Camels, alpacas or llamas (the kids have to decide which), sheep, and goats, that loved attention. Then we saw other interesting signs, so we went back today and wow! Big horn sheep, bears, lions, buffalo, zebras (my South African friend Meryl says it's pronounced zěbra not zēbra, so that's what we call them), it was so cool! We didn't see the moose, but they had a big area to roam. But just amazing and only 5 minutes from here!



That Crazy Family said...

WOW so cool!! My kids well all of us would LOVE that place.. its going on the must see list!