We thought we outran the thunderstorm...

Well, we thought we broke the streak of rain at every stop on our 70th day on the road! Unfortunately, it rained as we were leaving Michigan, then when we got to Wisconsin, so we're not as sure now. Major thunderstorm complete with tornado warnings, so the same one that's stalked us for months!
The campground flooded, but the kids thought that was pretty cool. Me? Not so much. But movies, dinner, cookies, and free wifi, it's all good!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
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One Comment

  1. Ugh, oh no, I would NOT be thrilled! Sad it looks as though we're too far distant from each other that paths won't cross, maybe another time....

    Enjoy! (and hope that water isn't a breeding ground for mosquitoes, they're horrible in MN right now!)


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