North Dakota, missing

Now that we have our state sticker map, we feel pretty silly about deciding to skip North Dakota! We'll hit it eventually, but the hole seems to glare at us. But then maybe we shouldn't be so concerned with a cheap sticker map's perceived attitude...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comments (3)

  1. That's pretty funny!! I remember seeing the state stickers on snowbirds RV's when I was a teen and thinking they were cool even then. Looking forward to starting to fill out our own in a few years.

  2. N. Dakota is a not-to-be-missed state -- it is really lovely, especially in September when the sunflowers are blooming -- I highly recommend the rout 1 (I think) drive along the north of N Dakota and Montana - in Montana along that route it is virtually impossible NOT to find fossils.

  3. Theodore Roosevelt National Park was cool but would've been even more incredible if we hadn't been in Yellowstone a few weeks before, I think that 'took away' from it a bit. We stayed in Medora and went to the famous musical which the kids'll get there, it's not going anywhere!

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