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We hit state #25! We're half way to our unofficial goal of seeing all 50 states (with really no clue about Hawaii). We've updated the stops with links and pics. Thanks for following us!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

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  1. Lundy 5, How is it that you can boondock in places like the Mojave Desert? We are newbies, and will hit the road in a few months, so this advice would really be helpful! :)
    Thanks for your blog. It is really fun and informative.

    from Texas

  2. I don't quite follow your question, sorry. How are we allowed to? Public lands, national forests, parking lots with permission. How are we able to? We bring our own water & have a generator. Do some reading about boondocking. It's really convenient at different times. We've even had to at a campground when they lost power, so it's good info to know! :)

  3. I guess what I mean is, that you are a family of 5, and we are a family of 7. I LOVE the idea of boondocking, but I am trying to imagine a family of my size, using the shower, toilet, dishes, etc... for more than a day and it not creating a huge problem. :) I have read about it, but it is usually a couple who can go for weeks conserving in many ways. I am just picturing my kiddos and the amount of dishes and toilet paper we go through. :) HA!

  4. We can only last a week if we're careful. But you can always dump, fill, & return. But we use disposable plates, and go easy on dishes & showers then, & we never flush toilet paper anyway. We don't do it often (or want to) but we've had some great (& free) stays!

  5. Thanks! This helpful. Paper plates, and just knowing where the local dump station or water fill up is located, makes it more manageable. Thank you for your time, I know how precious it is! :)

    from Texas

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