Shuttle launch LIVE!

What a fun day! Epic even! We watched the shuttle Discovery launch for its last mission, STS-133. It was so worth the early morning, long drive, then all-day wait for the few minutes of awesomeness!
Yesterday we studied NASA, the shuttle, the science, the mission, the astronauts, and the humanoid robot they're taking to the International Space Station. So the kids were already pumped and being surrounded by so many other people excited about the same thing was just a warm fuzzy. Spending the day with the Parent family made the time pass quickly too. We love having them as kind of occasional neighbors!
Notice only Lundys seem to climb on signs?
What a fun field trip for Field Trip Friday too!

Thursday, February 24, 2011
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  1. This is so awesome, I have always been a bit of a space geek and went to study physics and maths at university as a consequence. I am in awe of all the wonderful experiences you are giving your children and yourselves. Very inspiring family!

  2. I LOVE to go to the launches. I live in MD, but I've been to 3 launches. I'm lucky enough to have been friends with 5 astronauts. I'm SO glad you had the opportunity. I hope you got to go to the Saturn 5 exhibit. It is wonderful.

  3. This is one of the things that is on my husbands bucket list. How wonderful to share this experience with your children! One day we will be doing it too, for sure!

  4. We are going to be in Florida tomorrow! We are just staying North, though. If you are going to be heading that way at all, let me know. Maybe we could meet up!

  5. I've always wanted to see a launch! We'd planned to watch one once and then it was postponed...bummer. Your day sounds amazing though! At least you had friends to help pass the time while you were waiting. Thanks for linking up to Field Trip Friday! :)

  6. That is AMAZING. What a priceless moment.

  7. I love your blog. It's been a great source for us! I think it was through your blog that we learned about the Jr. Ranger vests. I've given your blog an award ...

  8. Oops, I forgot to give you the rules for accepting the award: 1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. 2. Share 7 things about yourself. 3. Award 5 recently discovered great bloggers. 4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award. There is a button that goes with the award. Just go to my website ( and copy the address for the image on my award post. Happy Blogging! Renee

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