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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We visited Carowinds, called the Thrill Capital of the Southeast, for a few days of rollercoaster fun! This year, we got Kings Island/Cedar Fair season tickets, good for *many* parks, so that we could have some fun stops along the way. Josh and Lizzy are tall enough for all the rides, and Matt's tall enough for most, so we stick together then trade off so everyone has fun!
And we learned it's SO convenient to have your home in the parking lot! We can eat, nap, take care of the dog, nap, change clothes, and nap! Did I mention nap? That is so wonderful after walking and riding all day with these fearless kids! It's also convenient to stay til closing time, park at a store to sleep, then come right back in the morning!
Carowinds is in both North and South Carolina and has a fun line down the middle of the park.
Fun days!