Our lake

The kids swam ALL day today. I mean only stopping for a few minutes to eat lunch, then dinner. The rest of the time, they were fish. But the kind of fish that also jump off docks and rope swings of course. It's great to be able to watch them from my office window (and nice to work in the quiet!)
Allen did a seal launch for us from the top deck too!

Josh diving...

Lizzy jumping...

Lizzy had faced her fear of the high dive earlier, so we celebrated with cake! Josh did some roll practice and finally got over his fear of getting back in the kayak. So we'll make another cake tomorrow. We Lundys like to face our fear. And eat cake! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

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  1. Hi guys! We have ordered our 5th wheel and will pick it up early August! :D
    So excited!

    I have a question, when you guys are boondocking, say at Wal-Mart, do you slide out at all or do you have to leave it in? Cause I don't think we can even get into our bedroom without sliding out a bedroom slide a little bit...

  2. We stay in, but we've made the door to stay open all the way when we slide in, so the kids can squeeze through. I know some people have to slide a little to get through.

  3. Thanks for your reply :D
    Can't wait to join you on the road, hoho.

  4. Hi Margi!
    I just found out today when reading on DSP about your amazing life! It's a life so full of adventure....

    We just bought our first (oldtimer) RV which we are modifying now for our first holiday in Germany and Poland. I'm so excited about that.

    I'm wondering how you can combine homeschooling your children, running your own businesses, doing the normal household stuff(however you have less space to clean in an RV ;-). And put God in the first place while doing this. I subscribed and am curious to learn more about your life!! You might inspire us to do the same in Europe ;-)

  5. I hope you get the chance to! We love it! For schooling, the kids can't help but learn in all these new places, so the pressure's off there. Business can be hard, but I work at night when it's quiet (like I did in our house). Normal household stuff is much less! Completely clean in 1 hour, picked up in just a few minutes. :)
    Keeping God first is easy looking at these amazing places across the country and being so thankful we can!

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