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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve in Arizona

The campground had a New Years Eve party with a band and dancing. We watched for a bit, then ended up dancing the night away. Not Allen, since he was home nursing a black eye. Really, just avoiding all the questions he would have fielded! Fortunately, the party celebrated NYE eastern time, so it was over at 10pm!
Yes, that *is* Matt on the drums. He sweet talked his way into a song!
And then he used his cute super power and invited many of the ladies to dance. He charmed a lot of women tonight!
We all boogied, even Josh, who at first thought he was too cool.
Yep, Matt asked the band to autograph his head. With a sharpie.
Then we headed back home, across the street to our spot on BLM land to have a fire and fire A LOT OF some shots at midnight Arizona time. That's New Years Eve redneck style!