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Friday, March 16, 2012

My birthday

I had a great 28th birthday with the family! Shush, I can too be 28 if I want to. I have been for years! It was wonderfully quiet (probably because I kept if off Facebook!) and full of chocolatey goodness. Allen found a chocolate/peanut butter cake and most of the family agreed, best cake ever! He also surprised me with a sign I pointed out that would look great in our RV (it does!) Add some yummy chocolate from Josh and Lizzy and a free massage from Matt (or masach as he wrote on the card) and that all made for an awesome day!


Show Us The World said...

I seriously thought you were 28! When I told your daughter you were probably 30-something, I was joking and expected her to say you were way younger than that. I have no idea you really are, but you "look" 28.