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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hoop skirt

I got a new skirt, but not just any skirt, a twirly rainbow skirt! My friend Brenda gave me this Hip Mountain Mama rainbow spinner skirt and I love it! (So sorry though, I don't think it's available anymore!)
So what did I do first? Well yeah, I had to spin!!! But it was too windy!
Then I needed a new profile pic, but this was too boring.
So I pulled out a hoop and Lizzy took pics. Apparently I make horrible, scary faces when I hoop! So this one had to do. But it was too boring too.
So a quick Topaz Adjust filter in Photoshop, and done.
Still boring, but I just need to work on not making stupid faces when I hoop.
And fyi, totally not a good skirt to hoop in if you plan to hop through it. Just sayin'.


Mama Drama Times Two said...

What a pretty twirly-girly skirt!