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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Smyrna Beach

We finally had a beach day! We met the Grands at New Smyrna Beach and had a wonderful time. They have the perfect beach umbrella setup, so we had it all - sun, shade, and (thanks to Grandma) food enough for an army! There was kayaking, boogie boarding, swimming, sand castle building, walking, running, sunning, hiding from the sunning, and lots of eating.
This little big guy welcomed us when we arrived.  
There were some surfing races.
Lots of flipping.
This is a moment of dreams. Pure bliss!
Our camp, with Matt's name in the sand, spelled incorrectly at first... 
The boys.
Allen doing his thing.
Where was I? Taking the pics of course, and resting happily in the sun, and even swimming some - though I was finished when the waves turned into giant walls of fish. Ew. More pics...