RV cat palace

RVing cat owners, check this out!  An outdoor cat playland for your RV.  This was so brilliant I had to stop and ask this couple if I could take pictures.  It's genius!  He took a wire storage cube bookshelf, zip-tied the pieces together, then hung it outside the window.  Instant cat door to a tri-level cat palace. 

Their cats were lounging like they owned the place.  And they're cats, so we all know they do. 

Fresh air, sunshine, lofty view, protection from the dogs, snakes, squirrels, lizards, & birds (who are in turn protected from the cats!)  I hope our dog Jack doesn't see this.  He might not think being tied to a picnic table is so awesome anymore.  Of course he does like the first few yards of chasing those squirrels... maybe not the abrupt ending through... He might learn, if he weren't so busy watching for another squirrel... 

Monday, April 30, 2012
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  1. I think what was so incredible was the way he hung it using the clip part of a window hinge, so he can just pop it on and off.

  2. I love this idea, I am going to try it.

  3. This is AWESOME !!!! We go camping with our cat and he would love this

  4. These metal grid boxes are the greatest. I use for all types of things. But...I use zip ties to put them together. No chance of the grids separating from the plastic holders.

  5. Very cool. My two cats would so love this. Where do I find the wire cubes/book shelf?

  6. Walmart, dollar stores, anywhere. They're just bookshelves, storage cubes...

  7. We are going to do this with our cat kennels and have yet to figure out how to mount it. We have looked into window ac brackets but not sure if that is the best solution. Any suggestions on how to mount this or how they did it?

  8. No idea here, sorry! I can't tell from the photos either.

  9. Neat idea! I would put the litter box out there too!

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