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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Green Mountain

We stayed at Green Mountain in Lenoir NC and met up with the Hensons again.  We had a beautiful site in this pretty, hilly campground with a big deck for our porch. 
We had no cell and barely a sniff of wifi, so we worked in the clubhouse.  Allen, Matt, and Kyle went kayaking on the Watauga.  Since the pool wasn't open yet, the kids found a great spot to swim in the creek. Well, in the culvert anyway. 
The boys caught fish with their bare hands.  (They were trapped in the creek from a flood.)  I'm not sure how many they "saved".  
We were introduced to the local NC drink Cheerwine.  It was similar to cherry coke and the kids loved it.

Josh organized his arsenal.  I don't recommend going into his room uninvited!
We spent a little too much time at Krispy Kreme.  We also checked out a local group that is practicing "being church" instead of "going to church" which is something we're really pondering.