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Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall kayaking

Another (but their last) great day kayaking the Yough for Allen & Josh, and our last hike to Cucumber to watch, and our last drive to Bruner Run to pick them up.
Matt took these pics at Cucumber.  I love that menacing wall of water!
Josh looks so small beside that hole!
I thought he'd tip, but he pulled it out.
Then he almost went over the other way!
Matt caught me taking video.
As usual, the drives were beautiful!
We figured out why this is called Pharaoh's Tomb!  It looks like an easy, tiny drop, but when you go between the rocks, you're quickly buried.  It didn't look that deep!
I told Josh to look at me so I could get better pics.  :)
So now he's a showboater.
Pure happy!
Great day!