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Friday, July 26, 2013

No more yelling!

I'm committing to a challenge, not to yell at my (lovely) children for one year.  I admit it, I'm a yeller.  I also admit it's so not effective, or nice, or fun.  So I'm wearing an orange bracelet to remind me, I have a support system ready to cheer me on, and now I'm telling you.  It's out there in black and white, and orange.  I have a counting timer on the right side of the site, so I can see my progress.  If I mess up When I mess up, I'll restart the counter and try to do better.
Read about the Orange Rhino Challenge if you want more info.
- (12 days on my first try. Not tooooo bad!  Starting over, doing better...)
- - ((Oh seriously!  On the day I started over, Matt stowed away in the truck!  I was far from the campground before he popped up.  I yelled.  :(  Starting over, again!))
- - - (((Okay, 27 days was my next streak! Not too bad.  Also, my daughter may be the death of me. Anyway, restarting the counter when I need, and I doubt I'll update every time, but I'll get there!!)))
- - - - ((((This is hard, BUT my longest streak so far is 46 days.  46 days without yelling rocks!))))

I did it! I finally made it 370 days without yelling! That habit is officially broken.
I've since yelled a few times and 1) it felt stupid 2) I felt stupid 3) it was so not effective and 4) while I'm not counting days any more, I'm through with yelling!