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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sunset, finally

Since we got to Lundy Mountain, I've been waiting for an amazing sunset.  I may have grumbled a bit that the sun sets on the wrong side, but I was hoping for some color to wrap around the sky.  It's a big sky!  But so far, we'd not had much luck.  We had a peek over the trees from afar once.  It was just nice. 
Then last night I thought we had a chance, with big fluffy clouds earlier, but it was again just nice.  Sunsets are always nice of course!
But tonight after a quick storm, I got my wish. And wow!  It was amazing, and quickly changing, and then more amazing.  I was very thankful and certainly happy.
And to think, tonight I'll look out my open bedroom window at a bazillion stars and be thankful all over again.  God's artistry is just amazing! 


Christy said...

I love a great sunset :) So glad you got yours!!