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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Meet Kitty, garage sale goats, 4-wheeling

We saw a mouse nest in the barn yesterday, so we have a kitten today.  Meet Kitty. 
Allen and I think "Soft Kitty" while the kids think "Kitty Soft Paws". 
Either way, her mouse training starts immediately.  :)  
We got her when we took the two littlest goats to get dehorned and shots.  So naturally, even though we had a kitten and goats in the truck, we stopped at a garage sale to get two kitchen chairs.  As Matt came strolling in with Lucy, I realized that was the first time I'd ever taken a goat to a garage sale.  That's pretty redneck, even for Arkansas.  :/ 
You might notice that she's inside, after Allen insisted she was to be an outside-only cat.  He's a softie!  (But don't tell anyone.)  Tomorrow though, back outside to start her job on the farm!  She'll have lots of hay to play with.
In case you wondered, yes, Jack the dog is indeed afraid of the kitten.  Why would you wonder? 
And in random news, since it rained today, it was a good time to get the 4-wheeler muddy.