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Thursday, July 31, 2014

New necklace

I received my new necklace today from Sunflower Farms & Shop and I LOVE IT! 
It says give them roots & wings and it's a great reminder to me of my awesome and sometimes excruciatingly hard job as a mom. 
We work very hard on establishing roots, made a little extra challenging as an adoptive family.  And while you might not associate "roots" with "traveling family", you can't get much closer or develop deeper relationships than a family living in a 400 square foot box together 24/7/365.  Our four years traveling together helped us grow much closer than we ever were living in a house. 
But as they're getting older (12-14 right now, how did that happen?!), I need to strengthen their wings too.  While I would prefer they stay little and have no need for wings, they refuse to stop growing.  We joke about the 18/30 rule (once they hit 18, they have 30 days to leave), but honestly I can't imagine them not being here.  Alas, they will leave one day and I need to help prepare them to spread their wings. *sniff*


NomadicJesters said...

Very cool! ... and I concur! You're a rockin' Mama!