RV pan and lid storage

I've been trying to figure out what kind of pot rack we could use on this wall in the RV, a wall mount, half round, shelf, etc. Then I realized I could just hang them on the wall!  So, my handy Allen got them all up and I love it! No more noisily digging them out from above the microwave. Then the lids were a problem. So after searching, I decided he needed to install some racks inside the door.  One option I saw was a simple wire.  So I requested that, but Allen was busy! What?!  While I still maintain that is a blue job, I did it myself. It was stupidly easy anyway.  Instead of screws or fancy hooks, I just used the hooks that we left in the door from a failed attempt at a spice rack years ago. Basically cheap plastic hooks.  I wrapped wire around them well on each side, bam. Lid holders! 

Super easy DIY pot rack and lid rack, aka get the pans and lids out of the way!

Friday, October 24, 2014
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