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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Turkey from above

In Arkansas, sometimes turkeys fall from the sky. Literally. Like, it's been on TV. :)  Well, Josh nabbed one of them!  This is Bobbi (because she bobbed her head to music on the way home). :)  Josh was stopped everywhere for pictures with one of the turkeys.
She settled in pretty quickly, helped by a clipped wing.  But she's eating well and roosting right beside the chickens and ducks.  And we're learning very quickly all about turkeys.
This was another fun time at the festival. I happily paid for all three kids to take turns beating on each other.  I told them I'd watch the videos every night with a smile on my face. :) 
Josh and Matt braved this thing.  We kinda forgot Matt tends to pass out when spinning. :/ He made it though!  Josh didn't even get dizzy.  
And we saw EmiSunshine and the Rain. She's adorable of course and wow, what a voice! 
The cats are finally starting to get along. Well, in their own way I guess.