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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fried food, sleepy cat, garden, deer, nasty cuts

We're loving our deep fryer, probably more than a family should.
Lucy taking a swim, without water. 
The garden's doing very well. We're getting giant green beans daily now. 
But it's so hot (even outside of the greenhouse), that most everyone just wants to sleep, especially the very pregnant Walker Kitty.
Except when she's being forced to wear makeup. Walker Kitty was not a fan of makeup. So creepy! 
And it didn't wear off for a few days. Even more creepy. 
Back to sleep though. 
Matt was being a good watch dog and chasing off a hawk, but he forgot about the goat's line through the field. It happens to be about belly height. :/ 
It healed pretty quickly, but ouch! 
The deer are still visiting often. They seem to want to tempt fate. Or they may know it's not hunting season yet.