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Our Story

Our family of five has been traveling the country since 2010 and we still love the total freedom of our fulltime RVing life! We’ve seen 49 states, visited over 70 national parks, and experienced countless adventures on the road. And we’re passionate about helping others find that freedom too. Many ask us how we make money on the road and are looking for mobile income options. I share a link to some ideas here  and much more about this in our book, Unlocating . We've done a variety of things, but nothing compares to our current job. Here's how we found it. While life is great now, in 2014-2015 we really slowed down. We had never had a home base before, but for those two years we sat still for the majority of the year. We bought some land and it was beautiful, but we didn’t do very much because we simply didn’t feel like it. We thought we’d lost our sense of adventure. We’d done so much and figured maybe we had just seen it all and we were finished. We settled into being b