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Monday, August 17, 2009

week 1 of homeschooling with the lundy lions. :) - monday, aug 17

· on our 1st official day of homeschool, or the lundy school of hard knocks, we learned not to leave a tent up to dry if it's windy. poor tent, poor soy crops.
· josh fixed the trigger mechanism in his $2 heelies for engineering class, then skated with them for gym class.
· i learned if they go out and play, they argue, but if it's called recess, they get along. go figure! :)
· we practiced subtraction with cookies, and addition with subs... gotta love that kind of math.
· they read chapter 1 of little house in the big woods & answered questions. we talked about interrupting (big lundy issue) and proverbs 18:13. i love the biblical references in the book & curriculum!
· i had to stop the kids from working too hard. they loved it & were shocked it was so fun. of course cookies help.

i can't decide if i want to just journal on my own, or post, to this blog or another... so i'm getting it down, and we'll see!