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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

week 4 of homeschooling - tuesday, sept 8

most schools took labor day off, but we opted for water safety class, aka a camping trip! but today was back to the grind, which wasn't very grinding.
· math timed tests
· math worksheets
· from the prairie primer they studied about the california gold rush, which meant watching some cute videos on youtube and a short writing/spelling assignment.
· then we had a gold rush in the living room, searching for a golden egg with chocolate chips inside. :)
· art class was making birthday cards to mail to grandpa. they mostly drew pics of themselves and what they did this weekend. they're quite proud and wanted grandpa to see.
· lizzy had gym class tonight - her soccer game. we have 6 games this week, so they'll have lots of exercise!
· tomorrow we start the second book, little house on the prairie. i plan to try this one differently and read it to them at night. i read something anyway, and this will make the day even faster! we'll see how it goes.